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1: Mrs A-Z

An A-Z might seem antiquated today but in 1936, when the concept was invented and London’s first one was printed, it was as revolutionary as Google Maps. Instead of a huge Ordnance Survey sheet, it was in book form and had an index of street names. 


In need of some midwinter comfort food? Palatino’s pillowy gnocchi drizzled with brown butter and topped with crisp sage leaves hits all the right spots. It’s on the menu at Stevie Parle’s acclaimed Italian restaurant right now. Below Parle shares his gnocchi recipe, so you can also get that comfort-fix at home...

Serves 5
Makes 25 pieces of gnocchi, 5 per person


EC1 gallery BEERS London has an exhibition to lift the spirits this spring. Happy Depression, which runs from 2 March to 14 April, features the work of Daniel Jensen and Mark Posey.


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