A Minty Invitation (19 May – 9 June)

Mint Garden with Pop-up Mojito Bar in a Former Meat Packing Warehouse open May 19 to June 9 – with cocktails! Part of the Chelsea Fringe and Clerkenwell Design Week.

An Invitation to all the Clerkenwell Design Week Showrooms: Garden of Disorientation

Over the years Smithfield has been renowned for the ghostly late-night movement of animal carcasses and more recently for the early-morning traffic of displaced revelers. To add to the confusion there will soon be a new internal garden space, the Garden of Disorientation. As part of the Chelsea Fringe, the garden will be installed in a disused meat-packing warehouse on Charterhouse Street. Nestled between the bustling restaurants of Bedouin and Smiths, the space will be filled with towers of mint and a pop-up bar selling mojitos!

The Chelsea Fringe is a brand new London-wide festival of flowers, gardens and gardening, timed to coincide with the Chelsea Flower Show. Over 80 events are planned for the first Fringe including horticultural happenings, pop-up gardens and installations which will spring up in unlikely parts of the city during May and June – floral boats plying the Thames, lorries loaded with secret gardens which will park up on street corners and then open up to reveal jungles within, and galleries and museums festooned with plant-themed artworks and initiatives.

Designed by (uncommon), well-known for the ‘forest’ installation in Waterloo, the Garden of Disorientation will be host to a series of talks and events during the Fringe and feature as part of the Clerkenwell Design Week. The garden will be a venue for discussion, debate, chatter and events relating to gardens, art & design and food & drink. It will be stopping point on the London-wide garden trail, a place for refreshment and reflection. The talks will bring together practitioners from widely different spheres but whose work, or play, involves their love of gardens.

The walls of the meat-packing warehouse remain as a backdrop to the new mint garden – atmospheric lighting will create twisting shadows as light shines through packing tape and transforms the space. Pallets of mint will be brought to the venue and out it bursts, creeping up the walls of the space as if cleansing it of its murkier past. Towers of pallets will be planted with mint and reach the ceiling of the warehouse and miles and miles of packing tape will bind the towers together.

The garden will be open daily from 11.00 am to 10.00 pm. The shutter to the street will open up to allow visitors to enter the space through a cobbled corridor which will slowly transform during Clerkenwell Design Week by artists Anita Duller and Hannah Stippl. Using rollers and a specially selected palette of ‘flower colours’, Anita and Hannah will work with participants to create multi-layered painted sheets of card applied to the walls.

The garden will be open from 19th May to 9th June from 11am to 6pm daily and late when the bar is open. Events will be publicised at the venue and at the Chelsea Fringe web site – www.chelseafringe.com

The bar will be open Noon until 11pm on the following days only:

Sat 19th and Sun 19th May
Tues 22nd to Thursday 24th May
Sat 26th & Sun 27th May
Wed 30th May to Sat 2nd June
Wed 6th to Sat 9th June