Alternative sporting fun: book now for the Chap Olympiad

Missed out on tickets to the Olympics or keen to pretend the whole hullabaloo isn’t happening? We’ve got just the alternative/antidote: The Chap Olympiad!

The Chap Olympiad invites ladies and gentlemen who uphold the etiquette of a bygone era to compete for a debonair crown.

Enter to attend these sporting japes and you can sign up to a myriad of games including the Gin and Tonic relay,umbrella jousting, competitive swooning, throw the bowler on the hat stand, and butler baiting (each rewarded for ‘panache not prowess’) in an attempt to achieve dilettante dominance.

Expect big bands and cabaret singers to be the soundtrack to the competition and getting tight to be the theme of the day. Chin chin!

What: The Chap Olympiad 2012
When: 7 & 8 July 2012, from 1pm
Where: Bedford Square Gardens, WC1
Price: £20 per day, £30 for a weekend ticket