Beautiful Interiors Need Beautiful Thinking

We hear from Laura Light, Concept Designer on the Interface Concept Design team about why beauty is so important. 

“Interface’s Beautiful Thinking campaign celebrates Beautiful Thinkers – ambitious individuals who are pushing boundaries in design, from enhancing sustainability and wellbeing, to setting fashion trends.

“Beautiful Thinking is seeing the potential in any space, and taking influences from events like Clerkenwell Design Week, as well as galleries and museums, to create stunning interior design schemes that impress visitors.

“The Interface Concept Design team takes inspiration from the world around us to create beautiful, bespoke, flooring solutions for projects of all shapes and sizes. We support architects and designers from the creation of custom colours, products and mood boards to full design support from start to finish, maximising the floor design within an allocated budget.

“Modular flooring is ideal for achieving this goal, by using a combination of Skinny Plank and square tiles from our extensive range of collections, with varying textures in one scheme. This allows for considerable creative flexibility to create unique, inspiring floor designs.

“Adding a touch of colour into a neutral flooring scheme can also create a contemporary design, while blocks of bold shades can delineate zones for particular activities.

That is Beautiful Thinking. And that is what we on the Concept Design team do every day, supporting architects and designers with advice and guidance to help them bring a design vision to life.”