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The Clerkenwell Writers’ Asylum is a group of local authors inspired by EC1’s literary luminaries – from Daniel Defoe and Charles Dickens to Anthony Horowitz. 


As the weather turns chilly, it’s time to get cosy with a gripping book for company on the long winter nights. So this issue we’ve handpicked five titles with a Clerkenwell connection, including classic crime, a historical novel set in the neighbourhood and a festive-themed collection.


Clerkenwell is a crime hotspot – at least when it comes to authors. The latest local writer to achieve a bestseller is Paula Hawkins, whose debut thriller is heading to the big screen. So who is the woman behind The Girl on the Train?


This spring, Profile Books celebrates two decades in business. It was born in Clerkenwell and is a pure indie publishing success story. Here, we highlight its 20 claims to fame.


After years of dedication, local author Laura Powell has just seen her first book published. She describes how Clerkenwell was key to its creation.


The Clerkenwell of old has inspired plenty of contemporary authors, who are using our neighbourhood as a setting for gripping stories that portray local life during the Great Fire, the Victorian age and evolving post-war society. We find mist and mystery in five new historical thrillers.


Literary agents are key figures behind almost every bestseller. Andre Paine visits an EC1 agency with a 60-year history in books and gets some tips on how to secure a publishing deal.


Oliver Sacks was the doctor whose bestselling books explored the strange quirks of the human brain. As the neurologist’s autobiography appears in paperback, Andre Paine reveals how Sacks’s scientific mind was shaped by a kindly uncle in EC1.


We always like to see independent magazines thriving. And now an eclectic collection is available in EC1 at the new magCulture shop at 270 St John Street.