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Work gets such a bad rap, but it’s not all limp sandwiches and rooting fruitlessly around stationary cupboards, you know? 


Louise’s Book review:  The Art of Flavour


One of life’s most challenging decisions - over what to order on a revered menu, or how to make the most of your Netflix subscription - is what books to pack for your holiday. What literary marvels to enjoy to the point of distraction while your body toasts to a nice medium rare. We asked some of the finest writers, globe-trotters, and bookworms around to select your reading material for you.


How often do you take your full lunch break? Local worker Laura Archer challenged herself to make better use of hers every day and then she wrote a book about it. Here she picks her nine favourite EC1 lunchtime activites. 


A pioneering course at City University has turned aspiring mystery writers into published authors. Andre Paine joins them in the lecture theatre to learn about creating suspense and spreadsheets for murder.


The Post has previously covered photography books by Hoxton Mini Press, and here’s another one we can’t resist.


As children’s bookshop Book Ends in Exmouth Market closes down this November, The Post marks the end of a chapter with our round-up of some of the best kids’ titles for Christmas.


Two years after the death of Ruth Rendell, Clerkenwell publisher Profile is releasing a collection of rediscovered stories about “murder and mayhem” in time for Halloween. Andre Paine explores the sinister imagination of the late crime writer.


Design Library is coming to Clerkenwell Design Week – a space for visitors to relax and read. So The Post asked leading design journalist Dominic Lutyens for his pick of classic books from his personal library.


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