Cook Like a Clerkenwell Chef – Bird of Smithfield

Bird of Smithfield head chef Tommy Boland has devised this exclusive dessert recipe – perfect for home cooks who want a challenge.



Serves 2

1.3kg rhubarb
430g caster sugar 150ml ginger beer 14g leaf gelatine 28ml water
110ml egg yolk 200ml double cream 125g Greek yogurt 20g icing sugar
7ml vanilla essence 105ml milk, room temp 30g unsalted butter 225g flour
1tsp salt
10g fresh yeast
1 egg
100g ginger biscuits


First, make the rhubarb purée and liquor. Peel and chop 1kg of the rhubarb, mix with 300g of the sugar and the ginger beer. Add to a heavy-based pan and cook over a gentle heat until combined and the rhubarb softened. Drain the liquid into a jug (keep for later) and blend the rhubarb to a smooth purée. Leave the purée to cool.

Next, make the jelly. Soak the gelatine in cold water. Measure out 260ml of the rhubarb cooking juice, add the soaked and softened gelatine and gently warm to dissolve. Transfer to a small bowl and chill in the fridge to set.

Next, make a Pâté à Bombe. Combine the water and 110g of sugar in a pan. Using a sugar thermometer, heat to 118°C to make a sugar syrup. At the same time add the egg yolk to the bowl of a free-standing mixer. Whisk until very pale and just over double its original volume. Very carefully, using the feed-guard provided with most mixers, add the syrup. Mix until it returns to room temperature and you have a very light and shiny mix.

In a large bowl, gently add 150g purée to the Pâté à Bombe, being careful not to knock out all the air. Set this over a bowl of iced water and gently fold until the mix becomes cold. In a separate bowl, lightly whip 150ml of the double cream until it just begins to thicken. Add to the rhubarb and egg mix. Transfer to the fridge to cool.

Next, mix the yogurt, icing sugar and vanilla essence. Beat well with a spatula to make it smooth. Whisk the remaining 50ml double cream until lightly thickened, then mix the two together. Place in the fridge.

Poach the remaining rhubarb: cut 6 stalks into 10cm pieces and gently poach in the remaining liquid from the purée. When slightly firm, remove the pan from the heat and leave to cool.

To make the doughnuts, warm 105ml milk and 30g butter in a pan over a low heat until lukewarm. Mix the flour, salt, yeast and 20g
of sugar in a free-standing mixer. Crack in the egg. Using a dough hook, slowly begin to mix then, in a steady stream, add the milk mixture. This will come together into a firm, shiny dough. Roll out the mixture on a floured surface into a square about 1cm thick. Cut into 20 small squares. Transfer to a baking tray and cover with cling film. When the doughnuts have doubled in size, shallow fry with vegetable oil until golden. Drain well, roll in the remaining sugar and set aside.

To serve, divide the rhubarb, yogurt and other elements between four plates as in the picture. Crumble ginger biscuits on top.