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Items to help make your kitchen a greener environment. 

Bee’s Wrap - Set of 3 Assorted Size Wraps, £13.99, Amazon (Pictured above)
Like plastic bags and single-use straws, cling film is a horrible pollutant to land and sea. Switch to these handmade organic cotton, sustainable beeswax-coated reusable cloths that flex and grip to the form you want.

peppers large

EcoEgg fresher for longer disc, £5.99 for 4,
Used by supermarkets and cruise ships to keep fresh fruit and veg at its best for weeks on end, these EcoEgg discs work by absorbing the ethylene gas produce emits as it goes off, which slows down the rotting process.

paper towels large

generationMe Unpaper Towels, from £23 (including P+P from the US) for 12,
Made from an organic cotton weave known for its absorbency power, these handmade cloths are washable, reusable and sustainable, cutting down on waste created by disposable or single-use cleaning products.


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