“Eléctrico” (15th October 2013)

Ladies and Gentlemen, your tram driver is blindfolded. Please, prepare for a multi-sensory experience of Portugal.

“Electrico” the name of vintage trams in Lisbon. Will take place in a long cave-like tunnel on 22-26 Farringdon Lane, loosely evoking the atmosphere of the tram, inviting “passengers” on a journey of sensory, intellectual and emotional experiences of Portugal. Fueled by authentic and inventive Portuguese food, wine and other unique drinks, Electrico will populate “passengers” evening with sensations of Portugal through windows of experience both physical and imaginary. A live sound scape building by Vasco Perreira aka James Bondage will interpret ambient tram and urban sounds with a mixture of traditional and contemporary Portuguese music and the spirit of the 1974 revolution.

Tickets are £20 plus booking fee in advance only. Ticket includes entrance to the venue, a welcome drink, aperitivo-style buffet of gourmet Portuguese food, tutored wine tastings and food matching and live sound scape performance.