Newton’s Lore – August

Every so often it’s what’s on the outside that counts, says Daren Newton, Founding Publisher of The Clerkenwell Post. When I’m not publishing magazines, I spend much of my time building events and exhibitions and I can tell you now, there is no better show to work on than Clerkenwell Design Week.

Not only are you outside enjoying the fresh air and the beautiful May sunshine, you are surrounded by venues steeped in archaic wonder. From The Order of St John with its beautiful herb and Cloister garden, to St John’s Gate built in the 16th century playing home to some of the first performances of Shakespeare’s most famous works. There is something around every corner, not forgetting the former cold-store turned nightclub, Fabric, and St James Church with its quaint tree lined park. You can spend hours exploring not only the show, but all that Clerkenwell has to offer as the cobbles of EC1 hold plenty of untold stories. Whilst you’re there, don’t forget to look up as the area shows off its architectural prowess with a mixture of time-honoured buildings and ultra-contemporary structures reflecting the surrounding rich and diverse history.

I’m regularly told that it’s the number of creative businesses in the area that make it so special, but I think its charm lies in what’s in-between those businesses; winding alleyways, Victorian architecture, modern extensions, food markets, world-leading eateries, green spaces and most importantly, people who enjoy this area as much as I do. Whether you’re looking for a dose of inspiration, a spot of al fresco lunch, or an unbeatable view over London’s skyline – it’s all here.

The truth is, if you visit Clerkenwell to see a client, very rarely are you in a hurry to leave, and before you know it, you start arranging all of your meetings there, then you think of other reasons to visit, and then you start to think of relevant businesses you could launch in the area. That is when you know Clerkenwell has well and truly won you over.