Koleksiyon Challenging the Banal

Koleksiyon is an international brand producing design-led furniture and accessories for living and working environments.  For Clerkenwell Design Week May 2018 the newly refreshed flagship London showroom will host a series of events.

Working alongside the worlds of art, biohilia and interior design we will be showcasing how to create a fantastic workplace for all.

Tuesday 22nd
Challenge the Banal: Art by Finn Stone including one-off sculptures, a by-product of his lateral thinking dripping in absurdity.

Wednesday 23rd 
Celebrating Biophilia with Plant Designs; showcasing office-friendly greenery and explaining the benefits in the workplace.

Thursday 24th
Unbuilt – from ‘photo’ to ‘photo-realistic’ seamlessly transporting you into a computer-generated world showcasing what’s possible. Clarus ‘Going for Gold’ A&D art competition featuring major Architectural practices re-design the award-winning go! Mobile writable glass.

For more information visit our website www.koleksiyon.co.uk