Local Talent Spotting

It’s Easter soon and The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt is on. Created by Clerkenwell-based charity Elephant Family, in conjunction with Action for Children, it’s the follow-up fundraiser to the fibreglass cows and the elephants we’ve had in London (remember them?).

Like the cows and the elephants, the eggs, which have all been decorated by artists, companies and celebrities, are to be auctioned off, both online and at a live event, on 20 March. In the meantime, they’re on view all over the West End and the City, dotted about, so you can have some fun hunting them down. As a finale to the event, the 209 eggs will be brought together in one display over the Easter weekend, in a location that’s to be announced.

Though none of the eggs are on show in EC1, unfortunately, the area has nonetheless had its input via some talented locals who’ve been asked to contribute their egg-decorating skills. They include the architects Zaha Hadid, Wilkinson Eyre and Grimshaw, as well as the animator Alex Williams. Islington chocolatier Paul A Young has also created one – though it’s sadly not for eating.