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With over 500 magazines to pick from, the magCulture Shop is an ideal place to discover a surprise gift for family and friends. Our team are always happy to help visitors find what they want, but here’s a quick overview of some of our favourites to whet your appetite.

Words by Jeremy Leslie

Victory Journal no14 
A large-format magazine from New York, Victory celebrates the culture of sport with long form writing and stunning photography. Leaving game stats and hero worship to the internet, it relishes deep dives into archive reporting and contemporary stories that reflect the common reality of playing and watching sport and sports people.

Swim no2
The second issue of this recently launched London magazine covers creativity from multiple disciplines, the common theme being that all the work presented is from the unseen research and development stages of projects. Both inspiring and reassuring for anyone involved in creative expression, like a sketchbook, it replays repeated viewing.

The Gourmand no11
A beautiful example of editorial craft – all aspects of its production are exemplary. The Gourmand will appeal to anyone that loves their food served with a timeless dose of art and creativity. Lush photographic stories are followed by food- focused interviews with pop culture heroes. Plus a few recipes.

Apartamento no22

After ten years, Apartamento has established itself as a vital part of the indie magazine scene. Each handbook-sized issue offers insight into modern living via the apartments and lives of an international creative milieu. Originally an alternative to the mainstream interiors magazines, its unstyled aesthetic has become aspirational in its own right.

Buffalo Zine, no8 Fashion’s Kitchen
We stock a host of biannual fashion titles that carefully report each new fashion season, but none have as much fun with their subject as Buffalo Zine. Each issue parodies a different type of publication, effortlessly slipping its fashion shoots into the concept. This hardback cookery book features over 100 recipes from fashion’s great and good.

Delayed Gratification no31

A powerful symbol of the new generation of magazines, Delayed Gratification looks back at news three months at a time, reassessing stories with the benefit of hindsight. This concept of ‘slow journalism’ invigorates both the content and the experience of the reader, who can indulge in reading uninterrupted by email and social media notifications.

Lodestars Anthology no10, India
Featuring a single country every issue, Lodestars can really take time and space to share the personal discoveries made during the team’s travels to that country. The very opposite of the traditional holiday magazine, it’s more of a personal diary brought to life with beautiful watercolours and photography.

The magazine lover’s magazine…
MacGuffin no6, The Ball

We have plenty of magazines that defy categorisation, but this Dutch design title is our favourite example. Each issue uses a single object as a starting point for investigation of different subjects. The Ball is a particularly strong issue, leading to intelligent looks at sport, astrology, architecture, food, seventies disco culture and beyond.