New Installation at 100% Design Curated by Max Fraser

As new Content Editor for 100% Design, Max Fraser will welcome visitors to this year’s show with an immersive installation which explores the theme of Elements on a grand scale. Set to be the standout installation of the London Design Festival, the feature will celebrate the finer details of design amongst a dramatic explosion of this year’s show creative.

Max Fraser’s headline feature for 100% Design brings together an edited selection of iconic products from the past and present, celebrating an element of each which boast intelligent design solutions, sophisticated tooling or innovative production techniques. The aim is to spotlight just one aspect or detail, educating the visitor on the hidden research and development that goes into a product.

The feature focuses on the slender engineered leg of a sofa, the material join on a chair or the concealed tech within a light fitting. The chosen products emphasise the importance of R&D and bring to our attention the exceptionally detailed elements that we might not normally notice, understand or appreciate.

The installation is supported by large geometric shapes, incorporating the show’s creative aesthetic for 2017. They dramatically cascade down from the distinctive Olympia ceiling and take visitors on a journey through timeless design classics.

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