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History will tell you that punters have been enjoying the cool breeze of outdoor cinema since the end of the 19th Century. Back then you’d see a few short seconds of silent footage, gobsmacked awe would give way to a standing ovation.


Earlier this summer we popped a head over the fence and asked our pals at Acid Jazz in Shoreditch what we should be listening to on our walkmans during the hotter months.


It’s been a summer where we all got stricken with a serious bout of World Cup Fever. None more so than MUNDIAL’s Sam Diss.


In this striking exploration of memory, choreographer and director Wayne McGregor’s sleek, athletic style combines with live accompaniment from electronic music innovator Jlin.


Have a peek inside magCulture, Clerkenwell’s  one-stop magazine shop.


Soul music’s secret genius is coming to The Barbican - Book Now!

Leroy Hutson, Barbican 12th July

In 2017 Leroy Hutson paid the UK a quick visit, playing his sumptuous 70s soul grooves in deepest darkest North London, and anyone who was there that night will be testament to the man’s magnificence.


The Great Stink was hard to avoid in London 160 years ago as a hot summer intensified the stench of the Thames. While everyone knows Bazalgette’s sewers solved the problem, The Post flushes out the facts about the clockmaker who invented the modern-day toilet...


Mary Shelley lived on EC1’s Skinner Street as a girl, at the bookshop of her debt-ridden father, William Godwin. In the 200th year since ‘Frankenstein’, we give a taste of her local home through this extract from a new biography.


What must it have felt like to be burnt at the stake? Historical author Virginia Rounding has an idea, thanks to her new book about the Smithfield martyrs.


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