Pheobe Cope and Philip Firsov an exhibition of drawings and paintings (Until 29 February 2012)

The show will take place in the exhibition space of TwentyTwo To TwentySix and will consist of paintings and drawings by Philip Firsov and Pheobe Cope.


This exhibition shows work from Philip Firsov, British painter and sculptor of Russian origin, as well as Phoebe Cope, a painter and draughtsman. Pheobe Cope is concerned with bringing to light a more cohesive vernacular of both the modest and the monumental, recalling the lively tradition of decorative painting genres. Significant areas of exploration have been the landmarks of St. Paul’s and Westminster; banal inner city street corners and traffic; rustic farmyards and fruit trees; shabby studios of neglected masters; the exotic Himalayan peaks and the intimate of friends posing in the bath. In perceiving the popular and iconic and that which may be defunct and inappropriate, she redresses a balance between the assortment of streams prevalent in visual culture


If you are looking to feed your creativity and flex your artistic skills don’t forget you can enjoy life drawing classes taught by Philip Firsov. Classes will be running every tuesday (untutored) and Wednesday (tutored) from 1-4pm for a fee of only £6/hour.

Philip’s work is on permanent display in 22-26 in their coffee shop space so you can always unwind after your class with a cup of coffee and some of the internationally inspired treats on the menu.