Street Art Spectacle | CDW

Weird and wonderful design installations have sprung up on the streets of EC1 every May since 2010, as part of Clerkenwell Design Week. What’s in store for the fifth edition in 2014? We look back over the years for inspiration…

2012: Aberrant Architecture’s tiny, travelling theatre was inspired by charcoal merchant Thomas Britton, who famously converted his loft in Jerusalem Passage into a world-class concert hall.


2011: Spontaneous City, a sculptural installation of bird boxes in St James’s Church Garden by London Fieldworks, was a popular design with bird lovers and
reflected the surrounding architecture.



2012: 2012: Draisci Studio’s Spring Forest was a surreal and striking installation of red and pink umbrellas on poles that offered CDW visitors some shaded comfort in St James’s Church Garden.



2012: The Solar Tree in St John’s Square was a radical, eco-friendly take on street furniture by designer Ross Lovegrove. It was CDW’s 2012 Olympic legacy and remained until the end of the Games.


2011: If you ever wanted to be a pin-up, this was your chance: an irresistible, interactive installation in St John’s Square, which was designed by the inimitable
Lulu Guinness.


2013: A truly a-mazeing installation in St John’s Square! Mobile Studio’s take on a traditional maze played on light and refraction with walls made from clear acrylic.


2012: Lighting designer Sharon Marston’s installation used willow canes intertwined with fibre optics to create an entrancing entrance to the Priory of the Order of
St John.


2010: Remember the Forest of Lights at the inaugural CDW? These giant lampshades brightened up St John’s Square with cutting edge illustration and graphic design.