Street Art with a New Perspective | CDW Presents

There’s a lot to pack in during Clerkenwell Design Week, so make sure you catch all these street installations as part of CDW Presents…

St John’s Square is a special EC1 location for a striking piece of street art. Architects Cousins & Cousins, based in Kentish Town, have come up with this multi-coloured, jewel-like pavilion in partnership with Gx Glass. Glaze draws on Clerkenwell’s heritage as a centre of design and manufacturing (such as the former Victorian glassworks in The Farmiloe Building) to offer a uniquely vibrant walk through an installation inspired by Venetian Murano glass. It also celebrates the versatility and surface designs that make glass a valued medium for architects.


Having dazzled CDW visitors last year with their Prismatic Landscape, Johnson Tiles will once again transform the entrance to Design Factory at The Farmiloe Building. Thousands of tiles will turn the walls into a 3-D display of colour. A combination of gloss and satin tiles will be set into rows of ‘blades’ emerging from the wall – it will take on a unique appearance depending on your viewing angle. Verve has been designed by an in-house team, with every tile made at the 114-year-old company’s factory in Stoke-on-Trent.


If you’re a fan of fonts, this will be just your type of installation. WordPlay is an outdoor exhibition from global typeface design leaders Monotype (they have a Clerkenwell studio) that invites visitors to celebrate the way type design permeates and enhances our world. So local design talent and suppliers have experimented with wood, vinyl, mirror, metal, concrete and light to give form to seven words set in seven Monotype typefaces. At various EC1 locations, you’ll discover type that’s
lighting up passageways, splayed on walls and crafted into furniture.


Embracing the idea of Clerkenwell as a little city within London, Swiss design studio Gruppe has been commissioned to re-define the gateways, edges and centre of Clerkenwell. Vita Contemplativa, supported by façade materials designer Equitone, aims to strengthen our neighbourhood as a place with its own identity by using historic architectural elements. Specially designed features, including a basilica, a forum and different columns stationed across EC1, will be on display during CDW.


Clerkenwell Green could do with a visual lift, so this temporary development at the heart of EC1 is especially welcome. Taking its cue from ancient Greece (an agora was an open space for assemblies), this will transform an under-used space once popular for public gatherings into a modern-day agora and encourage visitors to interact with the installation. It’s the work of Russ + Henshaw, SB Seating’s brand RBM and architecture charity Article 25. Tile Mile, Russ + Henshaw’s
CDW 2014 installation, won gold at the London Design Awards.


Grimshaw and MDT-tex have collaborated on this installation in St James’ Churchyard. The super lightweight structure uses a new system of complex geometries. The pavilion will also be used for the launch of a new table range, co-designed with Grimshaw by Italian furniture manufacturer Cassina. And it will host Elements, an exhibition which showcases the work of Grimshaw’s Industrial Design Unit through photography, drawings, models and full-scale furniture mock-ups.