Sway Gallery

Make sure to head to Sway Gallery in Old Street for premium ‘made in Japan’ products.’ The gallery has two key areas: the exhibition area and a little gallery shop, that offers new lifestyle ideas with carefully selected made in Japan items. The aim is to introduce to Europe Japanese hidden gems.

At the moment Sway are exhibiting the ‘furoshiki’, a traditional Japanese simple square-shaped piece of fine fabric, which was traditionally used in Japan to wrap and transport goods. Nowadays it has been re-valued as a stylish wrapping item, which is recyclable and ecological.

The next exhibition will be the works of a Japanese abstract artist based in Tokyo, Louis Terai. It will be from 3rd till 17th November, and there will do an opening night on Thursday 3rd Nov.

The opening times are:
Tue – Fri 11-19
Sat 11-16


See the website for more details