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The best coffee and tea kit to have at home.

We should all have one of these reusable cups in the cupboard, ready to shove in our rucksacks, handbags or manbags. The chicest versions are the clear glass ones. Represent your favourite coffee house: Department of Coffee and Grind are just two local spots selling their own reusable cups.


ForLife Stump Teapot
You’ll know these colourful teapots without realising: every stylish café in town uses them. Available in many hues, the ForLife Stump teapot comes with a hinged-stainless steel lid. If you’ve ever dropped the teapot lid while pouring and scalded yourself, you’ll know what a game changer this is.
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French Press
Don’t overlook a good-old cafetiere when it comes to making filter coffee at home: many baristas rate them over fiddlier, and pricier, bits of kit. Any decent brand, like Bodum, will do the trick: just make sure you’re using good-quality beans. Grind them fresh for best results.

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Porlex Mini Hand Grinder
Another gorgeous piece of coffee gear from Japan. The Porlex Mini is ideal for grinding small quantities of beans, to guarantee a fresh cup. Its stainless-steel handle comes off and is stored in the rubber seal around the middle: making it perfect for travel. Its ceramic burrs stay sharp longer than metal ones.
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Kalita Wave Dripper
A beautifully designed pour-over for making flawless filter coffee. You’ve probably seen these Japanese stainless-steel numbers, with their simple ridged design, at your favourite coffee shop.
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