Three of the best Deliveroo options in Clerkenwell

For al-desko emergencies, last-minute boardroom brainstorms and evenings on the couch with nothing but a laptop and a deadline for company.

Pasta Evangelists
If you hang out on Instagram you’ve probably seen that these guys have been spamming London’s foodie mafia with their letterbox-friendly pasta packs. The consensus, so far, has been pretty positive – freshly-made pasta, good sauces, and a regularly changing menu of authentic Italian recipes. It arrives as a pack of sauce and fresh pasta rather than ready-to-eat, so you’ll need a hob (or perhaps a microwave?) to get up and running – definitely worth a punt for when you’re stuck on the sofa burning the midnight (olive?) oil.

Ole & Steen
I nearly squealed when I saw this infamous Nordic bakery in Fitzrovia is pedalling its wares in Clerkenwell (until 9.30pm). Far from jumping aboard the hygge bandwagon, these guys are bonafide Scandi trailblazers. There’s a nice selection of salads, baguettes and rolls, but most importantly an extensive list of their cakes, pies, pastries and speciality buns… including, unmissably, the vanilla custard-oozing cinnamon swirl. Skip the salad and chalk this meal up as a ‘cheat day’. After all, if you’re stuck working, you need the fuel.

Pizza Pilgrims
There are two types of people in London: those who stand by Franco Manca and those who stand by Pizza Pilgrims. Both are great, but nobody can agree on which edges it. For me, it’s narrowly Pizza Pilgrims, the sourdough-crust pizzeria that was started by two brothers in a van with utter fidelity to the ancient art of Italian pizza-making. Their Exmouth Market restaurant is conveniently placed to serve the whole of Clerkenwell for lunch and dinner daily.